The Majoran Restaurant. Very good restaurant located in the main road of Molivos.

The Octapus Restaurant. Very good restaurant located in the harbor of Molivos.

The Eftalou Restaurant. Very good restaurant located to Eftalou beach.

Molivos Stars Restaurant. Inside the traditional village of Molyvos.


Greek Souvlaki

Friends. Twelve years of experience with traditional taste. The best souvlaki in Molivos

Rent a car

Kosmos Rent a Car. You will be very satisfied from their services and prices.


Sunset Cafe. In a place thriving with liveliness, energy and movement at the front beach of Molivos you will find Sunset Cafe.

Aegean Cafe. Just as you reach the harbour of Molivos you can see it. It will become one of your favourite spots for every moment of the day.

Μunicipal Cafe. On the way to the central market. The traditional Greek cafe in Molivos. Except Greek cafe ask also for "meze" & ouzo.

Coctail Bars

Congas Ethnic Bar. Situated at the waterfront of the North end of Molivos Beach, under palm trees.

Pirates Cocktail bar. In the road to the Harbor. Don’t miss the rock music